SHELL AUTOMOTIVE LUBRICANTS : Daftar Pelumas Shell Otomotif

SHELL AUTOMOTIVE LUBRICANTS : Daftar Pelumas Shell Otomotif

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Berikut Daftar pelumas,oli shell untuk aplikasi otomotif. Dapatkan Pelumas shell, Oli Shell di

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General Application Guide

Shell Engine Oils

Shell Antifreeze/Coolant

Rotella ELC


Shell Engine Oils

Shell Dentax


FormulaShell 100% Synthetic

FormulaShell ATF

FormulaShell Multi-Vehicle ATF

FormulaShell SAE 30

Shell Rimula Super

Shell Rotella T Heavy-Duty Engine Oil with

Shell Rotella T Single Grade

Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40

Shell Rotella T Synthetic Blend

Shell Gear Oils

Shell Spirax ASX 75W-90

Shell Spirax EW 75W-90

Shell Spirax GSX-50

vSpirax HD

Shell Spirax S

Shell Greases

Shell Albida EP

Shell Alvania 0860

Shell Darina AX

Shell Darina XL

Shell SRS 2000

Shell Transmission Fluids

Shell Donax TC

Shell Donax TCS

Shell Donax TD and TDL

Shell Donax TD Plus

Shell Donax TF

Shell Donax TG

Shell Donax TX

Via : Shell Lubricants Handbook

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